About Ethiobserver

Ethiopian Observer is an information medium serving primarily Ethiopian communities around the world. It provides news, commentaries, articles, and essays regarding current issues on Ethiopia. It also links to other Websites around the world with relevant information on Ethiopia. We believe that the free flow of news, information and ideas on Ethiopia will contribute to the democratization of the Ethiopian society. A well-balanced, instructive and constructive media that upholds the ideals and principles of democracy is the best defense for Ethiopia and Ethiopians.

Information media, which is well founded and anchored in democratic values and traditions, is one of the most important weapons against totalitarian, fascistic and chauvinistic ideologies, regimes and political organizations. Ethiopian Observer will pave the way for a better future for all Ethiopians, based on the democratic principles of freedom, equality, justice, and rule of law and on media accounts based on transparency, accountability and responsibility. Respect for the basic principles of Human Rights is the cornerstone of Ethiopian Observer.

Above all, Ethiopian Observer is dedicated to the promotion of democracy, sovereignty, territorial integrity, peace and security for all Ethiopians. It will address the economic and political interest of all Ethiopians without regard to ethnic identity and nationality. Moreover, appreciative of the richness of the Ethiopian cultural heritage and diversity, it will pursue and nurture a positive image of Ethiopia. Ethiopian Observer will accommodate all democratic ideals, which will advance the causes and benefits of Ethiopia and Ethiopians.