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We are all Nebiyou

Ethioobserver staff In honor of Abera Manka

We might not succeed or not, in building a better future, but no one can question the authenticity of our desire, how much we are prepared to sacrifice for our rights to have  good governess, democracy and justice as people. A system built on the culture of secrecy, parochialism and nepotism will always breed adverse political consequences and social upheavals and consequently lead us to a final downfall. I believe that the problems we see today did not come up suddenly; they were there for a long time and therefore are not to be remedied by quick fixes. Anyone who seeks to serve in public office has ethical and judicial obligations to get his/her administrative skills in order so that he/she can properly manage as required and in the vested interest of the public keeping the constitutional order and having a moral high ground. Yes, corruption comes in several forms such as favoritism, nepotism, awrjaism, regionalism, ethnicity, etc. by amassing wealth, abuse of office, power intoxication, bribes, undue gains and benefits in any form. It is evident by their admission TPLF officials were immersed in all these activities. TPLF’s recurrent reform and promise to clean its act from corruption and abuse of power has always been a short lived promise to deceive and at the same time soothe the anger of our people.

Sebhat Nega and his gangs as the master mind still roaming on the streets of Mekelle from his carrier criminal activities as the high priest turned the TPLF treasury into his own private gold mine. To cover up his deeds he organized secret thugs to ensure better representation for his own party by rigging elections in broad day light. The intrigue-maker active behind the scenes, is still scolding others whom he dislikes, putting wedges between his clan and the people and his most reactionary ranting of making the people poor by dislocating from their land. 

We need to build a strong institution, where the tenets of accountability, responsibility and transparency are internalized to last longer than any individual or leadership. Tigrai needs a strong civil society capable of imposing new democratic conditions to fight corruption and in pursuit of good governance. If any leadership needs to stay in power, its performance must change in response to the changing needs of the people. Leaders who lack vision, knowledge and flexibility blinded by their inadequacies should be humble enough to realize their shortcomings and drastically change their ways for the betterment of the society or hand over their power to qualified and educated citizens.

TPLF's extreme police measures and its arrest and holding hundreds of Enderta youths as political prisoner’s weeks after the Quiha incident have caused deep bitterness in the area and it is likely to plunge for further conflict. Several people have been imprisoned and beaten just for the simple reason of asking their constitutional rights. The youth is not afraid of the harsh treatments and repressive organs of the TPLF machinery anymore. They have seen the worst that the TPLF leadership can do and they will keep coming back, like a sea tide until justice is served. They want freedom and have equal opportunities without any kind of discrimination. . A crackdown on Nebiyou and his colleagues for questioning a rotten policy of administration resulted in serious injuries and assault by the security forces as a means to weaken the resoluteness to fight back the clique at the helm of power. The outcome of this episode will definitely lead to the demise of the regime as it cannot hold people as its hostages for indefinite time. The land issue in Enderta and its environs has been simmering for quite a long time now. Instead of responding to the people’s question, the TPLF has been resorting to all sorts of oppressive measures, such as intimidation, imprisonment, brutal treatment and segregation by its cadres and police forces. There are cases when even priests and women in Igrihariba and Imbafekadu were sentenced without due course of the law. The never-ending atrocities will one day come to its conclusion, when the youth and the whole populace rise up and throw the leadership to where it belongs, namely retirement. 

It is tragic that TPLF does not understand people’s voice for democracy, equality and justice. We all know that the sacrifices paid by our heroes and heroines were not only to get rid of national oppression but also for implementing those core values. TPLF has since its seizure of power abandoned the Ethiopian constitution and human rights declarations of the UN. It has monopolized industries in the hands of the few (recently given to the people through the regional parliament), limited free press and media, prohibited opposition parties to organize and work in the region, confiscated land areas from the masses and distributed them among its favorites, alienated and incarcerated people for expressing their views and the list can go on the bad attributes of this organization. The anger has been brewing throughout Tigrai with all kinds of demands but to no avail. Therefore, it is no wonder that the people are saying enough is enough by demanding to get freedom and justice. TPLF cannot demand the central government to obey the constitution of the country unless it also adheres to it.

We can save our nation from the self-destruction of corruption and bad governance if there are mechanisms for check and balance and introducing a zero level of tolerance at all spheres of governance. Besides, it is time to be responsive rather than creating and making enemies of all by changing the mindset as the world of yesteryear is not here anymore. The leadership should urgently develop a strategy to include all its citizens in good faith and stand on the side of history, if not it will be exacerbated by the passage of time. Free Nebiyou and his colleagues, we are all Nebiyou.


Ω May 2, 2019


DISCLAIMER: The views and opinions of the authors expressed herein do not necessarily state or reflect ethioobserver position. ethioobserver  does not exercise any editorial control over the information therein. ethioobserver cannot accept any responsibility or liability for any actions taken (or not taken) as a result of reading the material displayed.