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Preemptive Measures Before the Disaster Begins

Editorial Ethioobserver

Ethiopians managed for the first time in a very transparent and competitive way to hold elections, which was largely praised by observers and world media. A very disciplined electorate, queuing with patience to pass unequivocally its verdict on the parties to represent it, has given its final say. A long-range credible observers from EU, which admitted that 88% of the election was acceptable, Carter Center and AU have given their accounts on the election process and their blessings by declaring the EPRDF as a sole winner. The good news to the Ethiopian people was also that the democratic elections went not through the bullet, which often was the case, but by the ballot. The people have also entirely embraced the results with high expectations and vigor. Following these results, the EPRDF with the majority of the votes is therefore positioned to take the responsibility of forming a new government so that Ethiopia is put on the path of development, poverty alleviation, disease prevention, fight against HIV/Aids, stable and peaceful progress of the state and regions, etc.

The encouraging results of the functions of the state and the positive images of Ethiopia harnessed during the years of the EPRDF take-over are there to observe for anyone interested compared to the dark years of the military dictatorship of the Derg regime. The demise of the military junta, which with its worker’s party dominated all the spheres and was the cause of death, exile or incarceration, inequality among nations and nationalities, etc. was praised and heralded by the Ethiopian people as a liberation and rebirth of a new Ethiopia. A Constitution, which guarantees individual and group rights, recognizes the rights of nations and nationalities, etc. has been on place to transform Ethiopia into a modern state. All these achievements didn’t come all of a sudden but was the result of the sacrifices paid by the great sons and daughters either mercilessly killed by the previous governments or fought relentlessly and bravely to bring back human dignity and freedom.

The present stubborn act of the so-called opposition groups in Ethiopia not to accept the verdict of the May 15 election, however, shows the perilous path these power-mongering individuals chose for Ethiopia and its people. These people should understand and accept that any competition entails a winner or a looser. Losing this election does not mean the end of the world. There is always a comeback, when reason instead of fight and love instead of hatred prevails. Joining parliamentary elections and abandon the people, who thought their voices would be heard and represented in the Ethiopian Parliament, is both unwise and suicidal. Opposition groups working against the interests of Ethiopia are either frivolous or dangerous to the very existence and well being of Ethiopia and the people. Who in his right mind pleads to the West not to cancel debt or give aid money to Ethiopia? Who, a normal thinking being could express his venom of double-natured Ethiopians? Who, an aspiring statesman could strew the seeds of tribalism and animosity among a country having more than 80 different nations and nationalities? Who, a diplomat residing in a city with the AU headquarters scoffs at the respected men and women of Africa as a club of dictators? Who, an old and wise man incriminates the Ambassadors’ Donor Group (ADG) as a pro-EPRDF party, lacking perspectives? etc. These are the rustic speeches and worst collections of an extremist group, who dishonor themselves and the country, are bend on to play havoc with the Sovereignty and Constitution of Ethiopia.

The so-called opposition has superciliously now and then come up with wrangles, irrelevant issues and shameless proposals (transitional or national unity government) as not to take part in any constructive and important duty as opposition. It is obvious to sensible persons that the intention of these high-ranking ex-officials and malefactors is not and has not been the interest of the people and country apart from power and revival of the old mentality of an “elected people to rule Ethiopia”. The Ethiopian people should no more be hold hostages, be in a quandary or cornered by the blackmails of these old guards. Law and order should be respected irrespective of the status of the person, rich, politician, influential, official, etc. The Ethiopian government has a major obligation to assure to its citizens that peace; stability and security are upheld throughout. No more prevarication from the side of the old guard and their roisterers from abroad or more appeasements from the Ethiopian government should be given to the split personalities of these black-shirted and retrogressive forces. The main sources of disinformation and hate propaganda with dire consequences by the so-called free press journalists, remnants of the fascist Derg, who have made a rode for their own comeback, has to be dealt with according to the laws of the country. Vigilance and preemptive measures on Kebele squads and clandestine groups with armed units and sabotage teams should be in place before the disaster is in. Any revolt or violence, defying the warnings of the law enforcing bodies, should be regarded as an act of total destabilization of the country and those behind such move should be held responsible.

Editorial Ethiobserver

October 1, 20005



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