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Ethiopian Observer is an information center focusing primarily to serve Ethiopian communities around the world. It provides news, commentaries, articles, and essays on Ethiopia. It also links to other Websites and around the world with relevant information on the democratization and economic development of Ethiopia. We believe that the free flow of ideas and news on Ethiopia will be helpful to build a strong democratic society and unity based on the unshakable belief that all the people of Ethiopia are capable of forming a democratic, pluralistic, and representative form of government. Ethiopia today finds herself at crossroads with threats to her continued stability from within and without by destructive forces because of Ethiopia’s failure to bring a government that could defend institutions that support democratic principles and rule of law.

The lack of serious medium for information, constructive commentary, articles, and essays, is one of several the causes why we are still struggling under totalitarian regimes for the last one hundred years. What we have in most Ethiopian media is misinformation about Ethiopia, her people, her cultures, and most importantly polarized politics and narrow nationalism. Ethiopian Observer will focus on paving the way for a better future for all Ethiopians, a future that is based on democratic principles of freedom, equality, justice, and rule of law. Respect for basic principles of Human Rights is the cornerstone of Ethiopian Observer.

Above everything else, Ethiopian Observer is dedicated to the sovereignty, territorial integrity, and peace and security for all Ethiopians. It will promote the economic and political interest of all Ethiopians without regard to ethnic identity, and nationality of Ethiopians. It will challenge all forms of intolerance and cynicism at home and in the Diaspora by chauvinistic groups or individuals. It will challenge the reestablishment of former officials of Mengistu Hailemariam and his Derg. It will challenge anyone in any political party or organization involved in the torturing, killing, and detaining of Ethiopians during the period from 1975 to date. It will expose all those Ethiopians involved in the Red Terror campaign in Ethiopia.