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Looting Internationalized, Planned and Executed by Isayas Afewerki and Sanctioned by Abiy Ahmed, Funded by United Arab Emeriti.

Selam Nur

26 December 2020

Isayas Afewerki, president of Eritrea threatened in repeated video message, that he would dismantle Ethiopia in order to wipe out TPLF from the face of the earth. His accomplice, Abiy Ahmed, the custodian prime minister of Ethiopia said nothing. He was complicit in his silence. Unfortunately, so were members of the parliament, government officials and nationalists at a time when they needed to have been resolute. This was not a rhetoric of a politician, but a dagger aimed at Ethiopia’s heart because for four years prior to that, since the death of PM Meles Zenawi, the fragile federation of the nine states of Ethiopia was getting increasingly looser.

It never crossed my mind that Isayas would also give his soldiers an order to systematically dismantle development infrastructure and factories and haul it to Asmara. Even more surprising was Abiy acquiesced. Is this the brilliance of these two morons that they could expedite Eritrea’s development by stealing factories and equipment from Tigrai? Asmara develops while Mekele returns to abject poverty. This is not the first time that Tigrai has been punished in isolation; Derg did it prior to that and not a soul from the other ethnic groups raised a voice of protest.  

Peaceful transition into a democratic republic appeared less likely as foreign intrusions grew while at the same time ownership by the leader at the top became diffuse with erratic, inconsistent and unconstitutional law and order. It is at this juncture that Abiy Ahmed who was placed on the throne by unlikely alliances of Oromo and Amhara decided to make his prior dealings with external influences public. He let Ethiopia know that he had been sharing information with Isayas Afeworki, Il Sissi of Egypt and the CIA. The Isayas-Abiy relationship under the guise of resolution of 20 years of “no war, no peace” between Ethiopia and Eritrea, engineered by so many middle eastern actors and the USA took shape. Norway capitulated and dropped the bar for the Nobel Peace prize to a level that has destroyed the value of the prize for ever by awarding it to an incompetent idiot who leaves death and destruction in the wake of his deceptive roles on the local and international political stage.

As anticipated, while Abiy was thrashing around like a chicken with its head cut off, the dreaded ethnic conflict gathered momentum. The only challenge to Abiy’s ambition to abolish the federation that held the states together was from the Tigrai Peoples’ Liberation Front (TPLF). His intention all along was to become another Emperor of Ethiopia. He thus formed a centralized unitary party, the Prosperity Party, yes as in the “Prosperity Evangelism” by abolishing the coalition of the four parties that elected him to office, obviously delegitimize himself, the parliament and the constitution. Once again, there was a deafening silence from representatives and the public emboldening Abiy and Isayas to proceed with their plans. Ethiopian religious leaders did not understand that at the same time Abiy was evangelizing Ethiopia…a topic addressed separately because of far reaching dimensions.

Abiy and Isayas’ plan to change the republic into an autocratic dictatorship became apparent when the federal government ordered the occupation of Somali region. Contrary to Abiy and Isayas’ wishes, the Ethiopian Defense was being educated that it is “a professional” military established and supported to defend the constitution from internal and external enemies. This military mission was a torpedo aimed at Isayas’ plan to use the military to crush any civilian resistance. It could not stand; therefore, General Sáare, the champion of a military that must not interfere in governing had to go. Isayas knows the resolve of Sáare firsthand during the arms struggle when TPLF helped fortify EPLF when the Russian backed Derg was about to eliminate it. The assassination of general Sáare remains a mystery and by and large forgotten in the face of an all-forgiving public. My mother once told me that Derg had neutered Ethiopians; it will never be like the days of my father and grandfather; the war songs now belong on stages and not battle fields.

The destructive nature of conquerors is usually random, never systematic and planned. For the first time in war history, the world has witnessed factories dismantled and hauled away in trucks to a neighboring country. Youth 6 to 17 were massacred after they helped the Eritrean soldiers load up their loots to trucks stolen from Tigrai; hence Isayas’ crime against humanity now includes systematic looting. The African Union, the European Union and the United nations must join forces to bring the marauding genocidal criminals to justice.

For Isayas and his enablers, this is the fastest development scheme ever. Uproot a factory built with Tegaru sweats and money, all you need are confiscated trucks to haul it to Asmara and plant it – ingenious. Nothing could be beyond the norms of civilized society. But then Isayas is not an ordinary gang leader and neither is his puppet Abiy Ahmed who through intricate intrigues facilitated by Demeke Mekonnen and Hailemariam Desalegne found himself holding the scepter of rule in one of the most complex nations in Africa.

Isayas is an autocrat who has ruled Eritrea with iron fist and eventually driven it into the abyss and therefore is no surprise to his countrymen and women that he planned and executed a systemic looting and thievery. They would have nothing of it if it was within their privy. They are victims who were robbed of their freedom by would be freedom fighter, a narcist of the highest order. He has been in arms struggle for the last 60 years and is still going on. In contrast, other freedom fighters transition to development as soon as they assure that a nation has been liberated. That was the case with his counterpart, Meles Zenawi.

He was sanctioned by the UN and the US as a sponsor of state terrorism; he had been caught as aiding and abating El Shabab in Somalia. When everyone almost abandoned him for dead, the Middle East found another role for him that of a mercenary providing not only fighters to United Arab Emeritus, but also a strategic base on the Red Sea. This has served UAE as the critical location to fly sorties to bomb Yemen and now Ethiopia’s Tigrai with fighter jets and drones. He has been reborn as yet for a repeat menace of the Horn of Africa. UAE has armed and funded him to rise as born-again monster for East Africans to contend with.

Regardless, what he has done in Tigrai cannot be forgotten nor normalized or easily reversed. Tigrai was one of the poorest regions in Ethiopia and Isayas and his puppy Abiy Ahmed have bombed and looted it back to stone ages. The two critical acts that every Tigrawai will fight them locally and in international courts are the war crimes carried out with impunity. They committed genocide; mass graves wait for international organizations to investigate and document. They systematically looted monasteries where the Ethiopian church kept its sacred, invaluable ancient geez books. With books went the historical artifacts. This act was well planned intentional theft to deny Tigrai’s prominence in Ethiopian history in order to sharpen his obsession that Eritrea was the primary seat of ancient civilization in the Horn of Africa.

They bombed even the Holiest of the Moslem sites, the Negash mosque. That too was systematically looted and left bare and empty. Abiy, in order to appease his masters across the Red sea has admitted to this disgraceful act and pledged to repair the damage. We seriously doubt that the UAE masters and funders are determined to hold Isayas accountable and demand that the looted artifacts that distinguish Negash Mosque be returned.

Isayas Afewerki gave his soldiers specific orders to kill six to 16-year-olds and to rape any girl under 12; the outcome is aimed at humiliating Tegarus so that they will never walk with their heads up. for 12 and under to be killed and raped. Astonishingly, Amhara diasporas in Washington DC, Addis Ababa and Fanos in Gondar and BahrDar celebrated and partied when they heard this news. This is of course a generational assault that gets passed from parent to child. Some ask why did ethnic violence erupt in Bosnia 200 years later? The simple answer is because of atrocities like what are witnessing in Tigrai.

So, let it be with Isayas and Abiy; they will be marked men and Tegaru will never sleep until they are brought to justice one way or the other. Because Isayas’ intent was to wipe out Tigrai from the face of the earth and he and his accomplice, Abiy have encircled the region, denied access to basic needs, we will totally count on UN and EU to pursue international actions against them while we focus on how to best save the maximum number of Tegaru from starvation and death.

DISCLAIMER: The views and opinions of the authors expressed herein do not necessarily state or reflect ethioobserver position. ethioobserver  does not exercise any editorial control over the information therein. ethioobserver cannot accept any responsibility or liability for any actions taken (or not taken) as a result of reading the material displayed.