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Intimidation and violence as means of struggle?

Editorial Ethiopian Observer

The third Ethiopian election in May gave the peoples of Ethiopia a chance to exercise their democratic right in choosing and delegating their representatives among the different political parties to the Parliament. So much hope, promise and expectations were relayed and advanced that the political struggle in Ethiopia would only be directed by means of the ballot and rule of law. Prerequisites and preparations such as media coverage, free campaigns by the candidates among the electorate, etc. were fulfilled, albeit threats of reprisals, hate and divisive propaganda by some members of the centrist and chauvinist movement of the CUD. Ethiopia has never been known for its strong democratic tradition. After centuries of authoritarian rule by the feudal Emperors and the military junta with their mass starvations due to their corrupt systems, the introduction of the multiparty system by the incumbent government with all its consequences and risks was bold and appropriate. The magnanimity and rectitude shown by the EPRDF, though with some of its shortcomings in defending its policies insistently, to implement free and fair election by inviting independent observers was unprecedented in the history of the country. Oral propaganda, house-to-house visits, flyers, SMS, cello phones and messengers such as taxi-drivers were fully paid and used to disseminate the interhamwee agenda of the CUD among the people. This irresponsible act of a party, which aspired to shoulder power and seats in the Parliament, have once again shown the complicated path and intricate problems associated with the building-up of democracy and democratic rule.

The immediate announcement by the CUD of its victory in all the constituencies and its accusation about the rigged election results in Addis Ababa (despite its clean sweep) has cast doubts about its real intentions of a peaceful and democratic transition of power. Its mobilization of the urban poor and unemployed youth through payments, smear campaigns and hatred among Ethiopians as well as incitement into insurrection have ever since the May election resulted in the loss of our compatriots and destruction of private and public properties worth in billions. The June 8 and Nov. 1 and consecutive days of violence were not by any standards expressions of “non-violent and peaceful demonstrations” as alleged by the CUD. The plans were well-crafted and orchestrated in an attempt to seize state power through unconstitutional means and illicit acts of violence. Not only the call for boycott and demonstrations during the Ramadan month resorted to uprising but urged the populace not to listen to Ethiopian media (TV and Radio). Voice of America (VOA) and Deutsche Welle were the recommended media for the CUD leadership. Simply put, in a country where there is a legitimate government, the opposition has declared itself to be the new government with its vacuous declarations and reckless promulgations! Everybody knows that those who work at VOA and Deutsche Welle programs are ex-EPRP, ex-MEISON and ex-Royalists (all part of the CUD), with odious and malevolent ideas wishing the demise of the EPRDF. These people along with the disgruntled and malicious groups of the Diaspora, ex-Derg officials and supporters are spreading mendacious and unblushing reports aimed at discrediting the Ethiopian government. Instructions written by Negede Gobeze, the architect of Red-Terror and advisor of Colonel Mengistu are the centerpiece of CUD’s strategy on how to topple the Ethiopian government.

Some of the Diaspora Ethiopians, who have been away from Ethiopia and Ethiopian politics for decades and live in the lap of luxury and comfort with their children attending the best schools together with some easily recruited hoodlums, are working against the very interests of the Ethiopian people. Their noisy arguments and machinations consist of trying to lobby politicians in the West not to donate or freeze aid, withdraw development money, not to carry out relief work among the needy, not to cancel debt, etc. in a country where many of our compatriots need a loaf of bread and cups of clean water for their existence. This is the abnormal and caddish behavior of those arrant hypocrites who call themselves as Ethiopians and supporters of the CUD. Their asperity and sinister aims by joining arms and working in harness with their newly found friends, i.e. Shaibya’s supporters have also been recently exposed in some countries. In some cases they have even gone further in coercing Ethiopians through intimidation and violence. Though the CUD promised castles in the air and attempted to seize power through street violence, Ethiopians with all the nations and nationalities are forever determined to discard the discord and chasm á la interhamwee spread by the CUD and create a strong nation, where brotherhood/sisterhood, equality, liberty and democratic rights prevail. The old order of one dominating the other is gone with the federalism braced by the Ethiopian people, whereas the final jolt of the extremists has miserably collapsed never to reappear in the future. 


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