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Fighting terrorism and standing guard for Ethiopia

Editorial by Ethio-observer

The loss of human lives in the riots following the call by the terrorists of the CUD is sad and deplorable. Since the CUD thereby has clearly demonstrated its pledge to seize state power by dispatching and paying the unemployed in the insurrection on the streets of Addis Ababa, we must now break our silence and declare our determination not to ever accept any change of regime orchestrated by the leadership of the CUD. The declaration by the CUD chairman one moth ago to a gathering in Washington DC, that 10,000 to 15,000 casualties would be needed to overthrow the government is a living witness of the ugly face of a power-monger!

Democracy, in contrast to authoritarianism, is inclusive and transparent, entertains tolerance, respects opposing views and people, tries to convince the electorate by presenting sound programs and policies, and uses legal forms and platforms of the constitution of a nation. The Ethiopian peoples have fought age-old, regressive, oppressive and nefarious regimes of the past in order to secure their fundamental rights and freedom, based on equality and justice. All the achievements towards this end were garnered through the unrelenting struggle and sacrifices of the Ethiopian people. More than 180,000 Ethiopians lost their lives during the fascist regime of the dictator Colonel Mengistu. All those who fell victims to Mengistu's policy of forced resettlements, famine and discrimination have not yet been accounted for.

At present, the remnants of his regime, together with a few ill-informed fanatics with no comprehension of the Ethiopian reality, are digging their last ditch to create havoc and destruction in the federal capital of Ethiopia, supported by funds raised in the citadels of western democracies. These funds are generously distributed to buy the services of troublemakers that are always willing to play mercenaries at the right price. Despite the candidacy of the CUD leadership as parliamentary representatives of Ethiopia and Ethiopians, the call for strike, demonstrations and sabotage by the CUD has proved to be utterly divisive, spiteful and racist.  The CUD should be held responsible and face trials for the bloodshed of our compatriots as well as the loss of public and private property.

The Ethiopia of today is no longer subject to the politics of centralization and assimilation that the chauvinist CUD leadership is attempting to re-instate. Today Ethiopia celebrates its diversity as the very essence of Ethiopia and Ethiopians! In the new Ethiopia, the rights and freedoms of each and every nation and nationality are recognized in the constitution, which was prepared, promulgated and declared with the full participation and commitment of all citizens.

Irrespective of the name a naïve or chauvinist tries to give to the composition of Ethiopia, “tribal” “ethnic” “clannish”, etc., Ethiopia is a multilingual and multicultural heterogeneous society, where diversity is considered to be the foundation of unity. Ethiopians previously marginalized, sidelined, forgotten and regarded as second-class citizens in their own country have now got the right to decide their own destiny through autonomous regional and communal elections of governments and organizations. This is what the Constitution of the country rightly stipulates in its introduction, We, the Nations, Nationalities and Peoples of Ethiopia: Strongly committed, in full and free exercise of our right to self-determination, to building a political community founded on the rule of law and capable of ensuring a lasting peace, guaranteeing a democratic order, and advancing our economic and social development; Firmly convinced that the fulfilment of this objective requires full respect of individual and people’s fundamental freedoms and rights, to live together on the basis of equality and without any sexual, religious or cultural discrimination; Further convinced that by continuing to live with our rich and proud cultural legacies in territories we have long inhabited, have, through continuous interaction on various levels and forms of life, built up common interest and have also contributed to the emergence of a common outlook; Fully cognizant that our common destiny can best be served by rectifying historically unjust relationships and by further promoting our shared interests; Convinced that to live as one economic community is necessary in order to create sustainable and mutually supportive conditions for ensuring respect for our rights and freedoms and for the collective promotion of our interests; Determined to consolidate, as a lasting legacy, the peace and the prospect of a democratic order which our struggles and sacrifices have brought about; Have therefore adopted, on 8 December 1994 this constitution through representatives we have duly elected for this purpose as an instrument that binds us in a mutual commitment to fulfil the objectives and the principles set forth above.

Therefore, the idea of natural born or hereditary ruler or particular ethnic groups to settle on issues of paramount importance for respective communities of our common Ethiopia are no longer relevant. An Ethiopian of Somali, Afar, Anuak, Nuer, Harari, Silte, Guraghe, Agew, Irob, Oromo, Amhara, Welaita, Tigrai, Harari, Sidama, Kembata, etc. etc. origin, man or woman, Moslem or Christian has the right to become head of the state or government or bear high government or regional responsibility. This is the new Ethiopia put up by the hard work of its sons and daughters and which will continue on the path of democracy and equality for its citizens. Simply put, Ethiopia belongs to all Ethiopians! The futile attempt by terrorist networks and hate-mongers either by the vociferous groups from abroad and their mercenaries inside the country have, therefore to be cut short. Any self-serving democratic country cannot tolerate or accept terror as a method to oust a legitimate government.

The mouthpiece of the CUD, a website called Ethiopian Review has the following to offer to its readers, “A truck carrying a special force troop was hit by a bomb around Ferensay Legasion. Several Federal Police cars are burning around Kotebe, Ketena 2, and other areas of the city. People are blocking streets with rocks and burning tires. Ethiopian embassies in Washington DC and Stockholm have been shut down by protesters today, Nov 2.” This outrageous news should be condemned by all peace loving Ethiopians and those who allow them to carry out such messages from their open societies. Blocking streets and entrances to the Ethiopian Embassies of a sovereign state both in Washington DC and Stockholm by hooligans and terrorists is by any means a breach of international law and should be held accountable according to the laws of the respective countries. Both USA and Sweden have also the prime responsibility of maintaining the safety of our diplomatic community according to the customary and applicable laws of international relations and laws. The silent majority of Ethiopians everywhere are really tired by the illegal and wicked acts and disgraceful deeds of these terrorists, and we should stand guard for the protection of our Ethiopia and Ethiopians. The use of arms (grenades, firearms) as reported by this website to kill our law enforcement bodies shows how well these people were organized to combat and terrorize the capital city in the name of “bringing democracy” by undemocratic, violent and illegal means. It is, therefore high time for the government to take measures and pass laws so that resources for such terrorist elements, persons and associations are nipped in the bud by:

  • Freezing their assets and wealth, used for financing such illegal activities

  • Cooperating with police and security forces in other countries so that future damages are impeded and

  • Disallowing people to enter Ethiopia, considered being security threats and whose illegal activities are against the will and interests of the Ethiopian people and the state.

Though it is tragic that the irresponsible CUD leaders and their gangsters disturbed one of the most revered Ramadan and thereby adventuring the end of the holy month for our Moslem communities, we want to wish them Eid-Al-Fitr and join with you in praying for peace, joy, tolerance and prosperity.

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