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The Political Drama of Deception in Diaspora

Editorial by Ethiopian Observer

Success and failures have been seen in totality during our democratic election, especially when we are not able to withstand the onslaught of turbulence and mad acts of certain lunatic elements. Every explosive situation have been foiled decisively and tackled effectively and we thank for the security forces, who lost their lives in line of duty to restore law and order to the nation. The security of our nation should not be compromised at any rate.

The recent ugly outburst by the diaspora group is a reflection of a distorted mind; it is part of a large pathological illness and shame. Despite the inflammatory statements and press releases by the supporters of CUD, it couldnít weaken the communal harmony in the diaspora nor advance the cause of the bruised psyche of the Derg ex officials. The dishonesty, intrigues and fraud is getting thin by the day and no wonder, their political base is shrinking so fast. Every dormant political group has been trying to fish in troubled waters to get his way to grab power by fraudulent methods, mobilizing mobs and trying to create a situation of tragedy.

The opposition parties one way or the other suffered from the lack of prudent judgments. Particularly CUD with its diaspora mouthpieces seem to suffer from the most sever form of malady by distortion of facts and make believe deceptive political drama. They have proven themselves to be incompetent in formulating sensible strategies and tactics in the eyes of the Ethiopian people. What do we see in the diaspora particularly in Washington DC? Rowdy scenes, yelling and petitioning several Senators and House of Representatives to strangle the Ethiopian economy by going against the basic interest of the nation are among the efforts by these few dishonorable elements. Nothing can be shameful than such ugly scenes. This type of street politics is simply senseless acts of violence that could spell disaster for any democratic polity.  

The virus of incompetence seems to have undergone rapid multiplication during the election under the proclaimed leader Hailu Shawel and turned into a plague of deception, making it almost incurable as a permanent defect. It is too late now to save them from the disastrous path that landed them in jail. No one is above the law. When you break the law of the land, the law will bring you back to your senses. The plague of deception in the diaspora has penetrated deep in the minds of the chauvinist elites and therefore quarantining the infected minds seems to be useless.

First they milked the diaspora by providing fabricated sensational news, which since then proved to be a total fabrication. The paid mercenaries or beggars donít have the slightest decency or courage to reveal the truth to the public. It has distressed and angered the true sons and daughters of the Ethiopian people. The scars of division that was hatched up by these opportunist and Derg foot solders will dissipate soon and the Ethiopian people is more than ever ready and firm to expose their blatant deceptions.

The diaspora racist mindset is a manifestation of an entire ex Derg political discourse notion of social pathology. Those who are spreading their venom cannot violently continue to assault our people. Attacking, killing security forces as well as igniting fire, on buses; shops and innocent Ethiopians will not advance the cause of democracy. We donít need Ethiopia to be ruled by forces that are trying to take us into yesterdayís dark age. They might take orders or sign declarations with the dictator Isayas of Eritrea and to try to destabilize and harm Ethiopian interest but they will fail miserably.

They must realize that the Ethiopian government primary responsibility is to stop aiding and abetting terrorism disguised under an election mantra. The needs of the Ethiopian people at this time are food, clean water, hospitals, schools, roads, industries, medicine, etc. And these basic necessities will be accomplished through the concerted efforts of our beloved people.



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