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CUD hardliners & Shaibya menace to peace and stability

Editorial Ethiopian Observer

Ever since Shaibya invaded Ethiopian territories in May 1998, it had been urged time and again to withdraw its troops and settle the border issues through negotiations or mediations. Shaibya’s response to all the calls and shuttle diplomacy has been spectacular and adamant. We do remember the comments by Eritrea’s vulgar lifetime president Issaias on “overthrowing a minority government and putting in place the majority”, “his problem of finding out appropriate partner to replace the incumbent government” “empty kettle without peoples’ support”, etc. We also got to know about the hundreds of kilometers of trenches, dug out by the slave labor of the recruits. All Isayas’ intransigence and prevarication resulted in the loss of many lives, defeat and occupation of sizeable parts of Eritrea by the valiant armed forces of Ethiopia. With its army annihilated and bolting to neighboring countries, the dictator finally called SOS alarm to the UN to negotiate immediately. He agreed that 25kms wide area in Eritrean territory would be kept as a temporary security zone until delimitation and demarcation was completed.

After 5 years respite following the signing of the Algiers agreement, which was devoted that time to rebuilding the army, Issaias is on his usual track of miscalculation to destabilize or even occupy parts of Ethiopia. His vanity over Eritrea being the center stage of world politics, the dictator as impudent as he is, is bullying the UN, its member states as well as the great son of Africa and world leader Kofi Annan. Statement after statement is hatched up lambasting the world organization and its leader. He has been belittling the important work and duty carried out by the peacekeeping force and its members. The latest decisions by Eritrea to limit the movement of the UNMEE by banning helicopter flights and selectively targeting Europeans and Americans have enraged the international community. In view of the one sided decisions by Eritrea; the UN should take proper measures against the gross violations of its own treaties. The UN by so doing establishes a precedent for its Security Council decisions and enforces its effective leadership in conflict management and resolution.

One of the treasonous behaviors of the CUD leaders and diehards was and still is their collaboration with the dictator in Asmara, the most despised dictator in the Horn of Africa and sworn enemy of the Ethiopian people. The dictator has never had any election, freedom of belief, thought and expression and is known for religious persecution and mass arrests. For Issaias and his cohorts constitution and rule of law are alien words. In his attempt to destabilize Ethiopia, he has allied himself with terrorists such as Al-Ithad al-Islamiya in the Ogaden region, which is in collaboration with the fundamentalist groups from Somalia, financed by Osama bin Laden, Oromo Liberation Front (OLF) a disgruntled extremist group, which was once part of the coalition government (1991-1993) but left due to its terrorist activities on Ethiopians, Ogaden National Liberation Movement (ONLM), a fundamentalist group similar to Al-Ithad and supported by the “Greater Somalia” groups and fundamentalists as well as remnants of the leadership of the EPRP. Members of the later group and some of the extremists, who are now crying and shouting abroad against the very interest of Ethiopia, were among others who opposed material and moral support to the Ethiopian Army by downplaying the occupied territories of Ethiopia, located in both Tigray and Afar regions as insignificant and barren.

Now by showing their servitude to the Eritrean dictator and being submissive to his idea of bringing down the Ethiopian government, the CUD hardliners are working hand in hand with this hawkish regime by marching and staging in common gatherings and demonstrations. Expecting liberation and democracy from Asmara is tantamount to the introduction of authoritarian rule in Ethiopia. Despite the ridiculous announcement of the devil’s messengers to have a “military wing” in Eritrea together with the OLF, these lackeys and Shaibya are still menaces to peace and stability in Ethiopia. The treacherous acts and miscalculations of this misbegotten plan to create havoc in alliance with the iniquitous regime of Isayas together with CUD and OLF elements will indeed backfire on them, because of the firm determination of the united Ethiopian peoples to foil any aggression and violent actions. Ethiopians after separating the sheep from the foxes have a great deal to dwell on the basic necessities and priorities of life, namely food security, development, education and health. Those Ethiopians, who foul their own nest and are trying to dismantle the very existence of Ethiopia and its peoples in collaboration with the forces of evil, should instead join hands with their compatriots at home and abroad and work hard to extricate the country from abject poverty and ignorance.


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