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The Wave of Protests, Quiha a Symbol of Resistance 

The wave of protests, which swept the Oromia region, has also come to epitomize Tigrai. successful protest in Oromia and other regions in Ethiopia come also to roost in Tigrai, where a process of leadership change came by sending a powerful signal of protest, where the TPLF leadership could listen to the maladministration and nepotism, prevailing for so long time. However, the present leadership became instead of gathering the whole populace in Tigrai in this time of disarray and risk of disintegration, it has with its henchmen reacted violently against persons, who used free speech as their legitimate democratic right and freedom. The way this was done can trigger a spiraling violence and suspicion born how true the leadership stands to the core of the Ethiopian Constitution, though it repeatedly shouts foul against those who are ready to dismantle it.


This is yet another crime by the regime headed by Debretsion PhD, imprisoning and using brute force against innocent patriotic youths in a broad daylight. Many youths from Quiha and surroundings are now languishing in hospitals and the rest of them are being hunted by their mercenaries and foot soldiers. Their crime was when they were cleaning their town following a call by the PM of the federal government of Ethiopia. Such cold-blooded attack on civilians by the regime using its hit men, shows the anxiety of the regional regime and its desperate attempt to suffocate the freedom of the people. Tigrai has now become a state, where people have to express views are totally blocked by taking away their fundamental human rights by a self-appointed gang, mocking to serve the peoplesí interest. The erosion of Tigrai,s democratic culture should be a cause of great concern for our Tigrean community. The current manipulation of ethnic tensions has created an unstable political environment against Tegeru and other minorities. But we should not be silent to address the state respect human right and the rule of law. We should also support efforts to address the source of political and economic tension, such as the land issue, that undermined the peace. Economic growth is shrinking, while unemployment is on the rise and crime is a growing concern. It is quite obvious the state of Tigrai endowments has been fueled by mismanagement and persistent corruption. The state must show more immediate progress on the political front, the current actions have further damaged the unity of Tigreans.

Tigreans can no longer pretend not to notice and ignore the gross human right violations and land grab by dubious means in Enderta and its environs and continue their relation with the TPLF in business as-usual or they are our own mentality. It was predictable that the regime could unleash its terror in Quiha though its pretext of unity and fallacy of meeting the demands of the people and good governess. There are reports that police are searching houses during dark hours, rounding up youths, who were involved in demanding and advocating for self-rule and against land grab policy. People in Dergeadjen, Quiha and their surroundings are fearful for the lives of their children especially of those the regime considers leaders in the movement. When all peaceful means are exhausted in this region, where tyrants and a small group of collaborators are terrorizing the people, Tigreans should unite to bring law and order. No more prevarication in the name of the Tigrai people. We have great confidence in the judgment and common sense of the Tigrai people. This struggle is about pride and dignity and respect that disproportionately impact Mekelle and surrounding people and it is about renewed responsibility for themselves and families and their communities.

Ethiopian observer and individuals, who called the editor of Ethiopian observer are calling on Amnesty International to file a complaint to the state of Tigrai for its continued human right violations and should intervene on behalf of the youths who are believed to be taken to hospitals for their serious injuries by the trained foot soldiers and some are transported to undisclosed prisons. Tigreans must brace up as one united body for an uphill fight to preserve their unity not to repeat the mistake that has been done in Kedemai Weyane. It is only when we act in unison, pool our thoughts together and unmask the intrigues of those in power that we can triumph to save our Tigrai from few corrupt criminals.

Today we face a choice one leads to further bitterness and lost futures, or the path of courage and wisdom that leads stronger unity. This is not what we are, we are bitter than this. We can be stronger that TPLF leadership must serve the people. The fight would be our fight with unshakable belief that we can make democracy work again in our Tigrai.


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