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The Rule-of-Law, Not Tyranny of Size

Mogos Abraham, PhD

Center for Middle Eastern Development Studies

22 June 2019: the Martyrs Day!

Supremacy of the Rule-of-Law

            In brief, supremacy of law means the law of the land is sacrosanct (sacred), which sanctions activities and social behaviors of every citizen. No person is above The Rule of Law[i] of the land. Rule of law and sustainable development are strongly interrelated and mutually reinforcing. Advancement of The Rule of Law at the regional, national, and international levels is a precondition for an effective governance system (EGS), which is characterized by the principles of: strong nationalism, personal and professional integrity, primacy of The Rule of Law, accountability, transparency, equity, collective voice of all stakeholders (the citizens), and much more. EGS unleashes genuine sustainable development (GSD), which is a process by which human well-being is improved in a just, inclusive, and environmentally safe operating landscapes. GSD creates conditions for eradicating poverty and hunger and for full realization of all human rights and fundamental freedoms, including universal suffrage, all of which in turn reinforce The Rule of Law.

            Primacy of The Rule of Law is necessary to create an environment for providing sustainable livelihoods (the means of securing the essentials of life) and eradicating poverty. It fosters peace and development through strengthening the voices of individuals and communities by providing access to justice, ensuring due process and establishing remedies for the violation of rights. Security of livelihoods, shelter, tenure, and contracts can enable and empower the poor to defend themselves against violations of their rights. Legal empowerment goes beyond the provision of legal remedies and supports better economic opportunities and human well-being.

Dangers of Tyranny of Size

In the context of this piece, size combines human population and area that the given population under review inhabits. If you Google the word tyranny, you get the following three illustrative meanings: (a) cruel and oppressive government or rule; (b) a nation under cruel and oppressive government; and (c) cruel, unreasonable, or arbitrary use of political power. You can use all or one to describe the type of democracy the greedy sellouts (traitors), extremists, ethnocentric nationalists, and chauvinists are struggling to impose on all Ethiopians.

Let me be explicit here: the dangers of tyranny of size refers to the behavior of the Oromo and Amhara extremist elements, who are behaving as if it is their God given right to govern Ethiopia as they wish by subjugating other nations, nationalities, and peoples of Ethiopia. That was the dream of the traitors: Lema Megersa, Abiy Ahmed Ali, Demeke Mekonen, and Gedu  Andargachew. To realize their dream, in 2015, as insiders (high ranking official members) of the ruling body, the Ethiopian Peoples’ Revolutionary Democratic Front (EPRDF), they collaborated with Ethiopia’s arch-enemies to weaken, destabilize, and create conditions for Ethiopia’s status of a failed state. They did not care about the consequences of violating The Rule of Law; and within a year they have succeeded in creating human tragedies. More than four million Ethiopians remain internally displaced, children and adults dying in open field unsanitary plastic and carton shelters.

Ethnocentrism is a dangerous mentality. It means judging another culture solely by the values, norms, and standards of one's own culture. Ethnocentric individuals judge other groups relative to their own ethnic group or culture, especially regarding language, behavior, customs, religion, and all sorts of benefits (social, economic, and political). Ethnocentrism may be overt or subtle.

People born into a particular culture who grow up absorbing the values and behaviors of that particular culture are bound to develop a worldview that considers their culture to be the rule everyone must follow. When they experience other cultures that have different values and normal behaviors, they consider the behavioral patterns in the other cultures as inappropriate, because they think that their cultural traditions and history are superior to those of others. Again, this attitude has tragic consequences. The extremists must trade their behavior very carefully.

The Birth and the End Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia (1991–2015)?

Twilight of a democratic developmental State flickered on May 20th, 1991 throughout the Ethiopian State’s landscape. Democratic forces that waged a bitter war for 17 years defeated the military junta that ruled Ethiopia since 1974. When they realized that they were on the verge of victory, the democratic forces had formed a united front known as EPRDF (spelled out above). The victorious forces were ready to govern with their version of a governance system. To start it all, the EPRDF convened reconciliation and consensus building conference in July 1991. Representatives of more than 20 political organizations attended the conference. Ethiopia’s social, economic and political futures were debated openly in a democratic atmosphere.

In short, after winning well-coordinated elections, the EPRDF formed a government. At the outset, it made it clear that it was determined to make history of its own by transforming the social, economic, and political landscape of the country. A brand new Ethiopian Constitution was proclaimed in May 1994. The following introductory paragraphs capture the full spirit of that Constitution:

We, the nations, nationalities and peoples of Ethiopia:

Strongly committed, in full and free exercise of our right to self-determination, to building a political community founded on The Rule of Law and capable of ensuring a lasting peace, guaranteeing a democratic order, and advancing our economic and social development;

Firmly convinced that the fulfillment of this objective requires full respect of individual and peoples’ fundamental freedoms and rights to live together on the basis of equality and without any religious or cultural discrimination;

Further convinced that by continuing to live with our rich and proud cultural legacies in territories we have long inhabited, have, through continuous interaction on various levels and forms of life, built up common interests and have also contributed to the emergence of a common outlook;

Fully cognizant that our common destiny can best be served by rectifying historically unjust relationships and by further promoting our shared interests;

Convinced that to live as one economic community is necessary in order to create sustainable and mutually supportive conditions for ensuring respect for our rights and freedoms;

Determined to consolidate, as a lasting legacy, the peace, and the prospect of a democratic order which our struggles and sacrifices have brought about;

Have, therefore, ratified, on 8 December 1994, this Constitution through representatives we have duly elected for this purpose as an instrument that binds us in a mutual commitment to fulfill the objectives and the principles set forth above.

            Who in his/her right mind opposes and attempts to dismantle this modern Ethiopian Constitution, which is rooted in the above sacrosanct spirit? Only those self-serving sellouts (traitors) are willing to do just that.

National Treason

            Team Lema and Co. decided to dismantle the Constitutional Order. This team of traitors hatched counter revolutionary actions, supported by neoliberal imperialism (the Arabs and the CIA), Isaias Afeworki being the-go-between instrument along with Birhanu Nega of Gunbot-7. They did not care whether Ethiopia’s fate was equal to the tragedies of the failed states of: Somalia, Syria, Yemen, S. Sudan, Iraq, Afghanistan, and many others. To realize their wild dream of subjugating every other Ethiopia’s nations, nationalities, and peoples, the traitors built an underground network of hooligans; and unleashed genocidal rampages during the months of July and August 2016 against Tigraians to intimidate and humiliate Woyane, the TPLF; and, by extension, to strategically isolate and squeeze the people of Tigrai. Tigraians who lived for generations in their own Motherland, Ethiopia’s Amhara Regional State, were mobbed and massacred; their properties were ransacked and torched; and more than 11,000 of them, including mothers and their children, were forced to escape to neighboring North Sudan. That was an absolute idiocy, extremely stupid behavior!

These extremist-ignorant elements had the audacity to think that they were capable to dismantle the Constitutional Order completely to forge a unitary government of provinces forged to suit the Oro-Ahmara tyrannical dream. That did not happen and will never happen. However, it is unfortunate that under the watchful eyes of Abiy Ahmed Ali, the so called Prime Minister, Ethiopia has become number one in the world in terms of internally displaced persons (IDPs). More than four million Ethiopians, including children and their parents, a huge size of the youth (highly productive workforce), as well as old and sick persons, are surviving in unsanitary-temporary open field shelters, built with plastics, branches, and carton. People are suffering from starvation, hunger, and various diseases. Many are dying daily. Abiy Ahmed and Co. will have to pay for this national shame and tragedies. These human calamities are far worse than what happened in the 1960s, when Emperor Haileselassie’s government attempted to cover up human and nature-induced tragedies. However, these current tragedies are human-made. It is “madness” Abiy Ahmed Ali knows very well the why and the how. It is a national treason he (Abiy Ahmed Ali) must be held accountable in a court of law.

In the end, however, primacy of The Rule of Law enshrined in the Ethiopian Constitution will teach them lessons they will never forget for the rest of their lives. No force, be it internal or external, will be able to dismantle the Ethiopian Revolutionary Democratic Developmental State for which more than 60,000 heroes and heroines gave their lives to free Ethiopia from the jaws of the Hyena, i.e., the savagery of Mengistu Haimariam’s military junta. Moreover, every Ethiopian knows very well that the brilliant Tegadlai-leader, Meles Zenawi the Martyr, and his comrades engineered the economic growth miracles of the Democratic Developmental State (DDS) that flourished from the victory year of 1991 to 2015.

Neoliberal organizations, such as the IMF, the World Bank, and many other organizations that were reluctant to fund development projects were surprised by the miraculous economic performance of the DDS. They became more than willing to fund all policy initiatives of the EPRDF under PM Meles. No wonder, the world renowned, Nobel Laureate, economist, Joseph Stiglitz, author of the seminal book, The Price of Inequality, called Meles a “genius” (a person with exceptional talent and skills), while Ambassador Suzan Rice called him (Meles) “a world class mind”. In contrast, the extremist-self-serving traitors hated Meles. They disliked him to the extent of working hard in collaboration with Ethiopia’s enemies to see him eliminated.

Now, all Ethiopian masses regret bitterly for welcoming with open arms and excitements the Protestant Reformist Pastor, Abiy Ahmed Ali, the stooge (servant) of foreign powers, to be Ethiopia’s Prime Minister. With the exception of the self-serving extremist elements, all Ethiopians are ready to sacrifice their lives in defending modern Ethiopia’s Constitution for which the Martyrs sacrificed their lives for freedom and well-being of all present and future generations of Ethiopians. To that end, however, there is a need for an urgent collective action of true nationalists and philanthropists to rise-up and save Ethiopia from an impending human catastrophe during this harsh-winter season.

Good News: Tigrai’s Bright Future: Today, 22 June 2019 (Sene 15, 2011), is Martyrs Day in Tigrai. Let me put a few words regarding the benefits of the victories the Martyrs scored at the battlefields. To the absolute dismay and shame of the traitors, only Tigrai has become a peaceful place to live for anyone who would like to live in Ethiopia– a heaven in the chaotically destabilized Horn of Africa region. Moreover, Tigrai is socially, economically, politically, and technologically advancing rapidly. Foreign direct and domestic investments are being injected into the economy daily, i.e., the economy is booming. Enhanced investments in research and development (R&D) are being realized. The young generation of Tigraians is highly motivated to work hard to speed up the progress. Furthermore, Tigrai is retrieving and rebuilding her rightful place in history by becoming the Horn of Africa’s center of gravity for economic and geopolitical sphere of influence. Declaring “Ethiopian Republic of Tigrai”, the strategic option the Martyrs left us, is still in the books. Tigrai is well equipped and is being equipped for that eventuality. Eternal Peace for our Martyrs!

New Revelations!

It was revealed this week (18-20 June 2019) that Abiy Ahmed Ali is a hired gun. Francis Fukuyama (an American of Japanese origin), who specializes in political science, with no clue of economic theory and Ethiopia’s history, was  hired by the CIA to teach Abiy Ahmed lessons on how to build neoliberalism (free-market economy) and on the political policy instruments required to implement it. Knowing well the politics behind the drama, I was infuriated to see on a YouTube Video Fukuyama planting a tree around the Ethiopian Palace. Abiy Ahmed was watching and applauding, holding a neoliberalism guidebook Fukuyama handed him during the tree planting ceremony. No wonder that Ethiopia is going to be America’s plastic garbage dumping ground. This national disgrace is hot news spreading like wildfire throughout the social media. Ethiopia becoming America’s garbage dumping ground? What a disgrace!

I have read some of Fukuyama’s books one of them is a cleverly crafted small book titled State Building: Governance and World Order in the Twenty-First Century (2005). Fukuyama is a dangerous man of this era, as Milton Friedman was of the 1970s and 1980s. Friedman won the Nobel Prize for Economic Sciences in 1976. By the way, this so called prize is the West’s one of the instruments for global expansion of free-market capitalism. Friedman received the Prize when he was a guru of neoliberal economic theory at the Chicago University School of Economics. While teaching several PhD students (future CIA clients) from several Latin American countries, sponsored with generous American scholarships, Friedman was hired by the CIA to be a special economic advisor of the Chilean human-butcher, General Augusto Pinochet, who seized power by murdering the democratically elected socialist president, Salvador Allende.

Allende was a revolutionary, equally revered as Che Guevara and Fidel Castro. He was the first democratically elected social democrat president of Chile. President Allende nationalized American multinational corporations. That was then Salvador Allende, the revolutionary-nationalist president, was listed as America’s enemy. Thus, CIA hired General Augusto Pinochet to get rid of the national icon. It was in 1973, in a bloody coup-de-eta, Pinochet’s military junta murdered President Allende while he was in the Chilean National Palace.

In his book, Capitalism and Freedom, Friedman asserts that, under free-market capitalism, free-innate human nature, meaning the “invisible hand” of Adam Smith, determines economic outcomes. He claimed against the truth that the “invisible hand” lays the necessary conditions for political freedom, and thereby for well-being of all humanity. This is the crux of the follies of neoliberalism. He (Friedman) prescribed all the mechanisms of neoliberalism for General Augusto Pinochet’s Chile (1973-1990), an era which was described worldwide as an era of Chile’s tragedies during which millions of Chileans were massacred and disappeared.

Friedman called his policy prescriptions that he offered to Pinochet “The Shock Doctrine[ii]. Although the Chilean economy grew rapidly due to the American corporations rush to invest and exploit, 45% of the Chilean population dropped below the poverty line; the richest 10% saw their incomes increase by an amazing and disturbing rate of 83%; and in 2007, Chile was one of the most unequal society in the world – out of 123 countries in which the United Nations tracked inequity, Chile ranked 116th, making it 8th most unequal country in the list (Klein 2007).

CIA expects Francis Fukuyama to teach Abiy Ahmed, as Friedman did to Pinochet. It is more than likely the lessons in the neoliberalism guidebook include how to get-rid all Ethiopia’s progressive-nationalist forces systematically to build a free-capitalist economy. However, Chile of the 1970s is far different from the 21st Century’s Ethiopia. Abiy Ahmed’s sinister ploys are being exposed daily. That is why, lately, Abiy has started to behave like a mad dog. He gets nervous and annoyed instantly by a simple question, because he is sensing that his wild dream to become the first Islamic Emperor of Ethiopia is being vanished by the hour.

But, where is Ethiopia heading now?

Think critically and figure it out!

All Ethiopians must rise up and save the Motherland.

May the Almighty protect her!

[i] In the constitutional law literature, upper case letters used to show uniqueness of the phrase, The Rule of Law.

[ii] Naomi Klein (2007) in her globally read and admired book, The Shock Doctrine, debunks Friedman’s prescriptions.

DISCLAIMER: The views and opinions of the authors expressed herein do not necessarily state or reflect ethioobserver position. ethioobserver  does not exercise any editorial control over the information therein. ethioobserver cannot accept any responsibility or liability for any actions taken (or not taken) as a result of reading the material displayed.