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Press release SebHidri

It became a mode of operand to spread false news for this newly created ethnocentric demagoguery YouTube media called Voice of Amhara, Ethio Media Forum and Tena adam internet radio. Your forum should not be a conduit to hate mongers to spew hate and propaganda. With no evidence what amounted to smear campaign faceless and fast-moving assault on the integrity of SebHidri members and organization.  Sebhidri was born out of the heroic concern of Tigreans; our name should not be teetered by cyber foot soldiers to trash smear campaign. The statement was false and made negligently to stir trouble and suspicion. The purpose of our organization is to tackles development deficits by building the institutions necessary for good governance and ensuring genuine participation in a democracy in our Tigrai, to ensure that there is effective participation, transparency, responsiveness, consensus orientation, equity, inclusiveness and accountability. These are values which form the bedrock of our democracy. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6Bav3fpxacU

We are at the front of the change that is taking place and our support is unequivocal and we are loyal to principle of justices to uphold democratic practices. If editors of Voice of Amhara Daily Ethiopian News think your rumor is a real headline-grabber you are liable for defamation, we will continue to challenge you. Your statement was false and acted with malice you mast retract your offending statement. Faceless accusers we are going to stand up to your lies and we will take appropriate measures until you retract your character assassination labeling our good name and reputation. We are a legitimate civic organization organized and operate under the state and federal laws of Democratic Ethiopia. We are an independent civic organization with no affiliation to any party or individuals.

Our struggle for peace, justice and unity of the Ethiopian people against destructive forces will continued, the deceitful activities of your organization collusive activities of deceit and fraud camouflaged as a concern Ethiopian will be exposed.  We have combated massive propaganda from inside and diaspora through dishonorable and mercenary mouthpieces the likes of your narrow base YouTube infantile discourse; and your narrow circle is not an exception. Only mercenaries and desperate ethnocentric could misread Tigreans on such monumental Time. These attacks are launched by agents and paid opportunities camouflaged as concerned Ethiopians. 

We urge our fellow Ethiopians be alert and remain vigilant against deceptive attempts by opportunist elements that try to divided us and maintain caution and solidarity with each other in the best tradition of Ethiopian chewanet.  We shouldn’t accept manipulation and division among us.  SebHidri would not succumb an inch to ethnocentric the likes Voice of Amhara false News and character assassination. Let us all move forward together to create an atmosphere that would promote the right of all Ethiopians respect and tolerance irrespective of our political inclinations and ethnic origin. You need to be retold that our freedom was not achieved without loss of life, blood or tears; we will defend it at any cost.


Board of Directors SebHidri