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No more to go Back to the old Days


Maiza Solomon

On the wake of the second week of fighting between Tigray and Abiy’s treasonous forces, the cyberspace is full of misinformation and disinformation about the status of the war in Tigray. Buying into Abiy’s propaganda, even relatively reputable international news outlets are reporting that Abiy’s forces are marching to the capital of Tigray, Mekelle. However, these outlets also report that they could not verify Abiy’s accounts because they cannot get information from inside Tigray as all communication has been cut off and no outside reporters are allowed in. Meanwhile, state media, the few paid private outlets affiliated with the government and YouTubers with multiple accounts are fanning the flames of war and predicting that the war will mark the end of Tigray. Of course, Isaias of Eritrea, is also doing Abiy’s bidding in the promotion of lies about the situation in Tigray and in Eritrea.

So, is the end near for the legitimate fight of the people of Tigray for self-rule and dignity as Abiy’s prophets of doom would like us to believe? The answer would appear to be “yes” if we believed the barrage of misinformation and falsehoods coming from the Abiy camp. Fortunately, however, reliable information coming from Tigray depicts the opposite of Abiy’s accounts of the situation on the ground in Tigray. Tigray is not only standing its ground against the odds but is also inflicting heavy losses on the invading swarms of Abiy’s and Isaias’ soldiers coming from all directions. Of course, nobody expects Abiy or Isaias to tell us about the losses.

  Abiy and Isaias are hoping that the world will not know about the war in Tigray because they have the monopoly over all “information.” Sooner or later, though, the world will know about the tremendous cost of this war, in terms of lives and resources. As such, Abiy’s propaganda, which is designed to mislead foreign governments and the Ethiopian people, will not last since the truth will come out in the end, as it did in many other prior conflicts. When truth is told, people will wake up to news that thousands of innocent Amhara peasants, who were promised land that they know does not belong to them, perished, or were wounded needlessly. The same can be said about members of the regular army, who knowingly are out to kill their fellow countrymen in Tigray by aligning themselves with Ethiopia’s sworn enemy, Isaias Afeworki of Eritrea.

We have to wait and see what Abiy’s paid liars will say then. Finally, to all foes and friends, never forget that the people of Tigray are fighting for their dignity and the soul the nation. Also remember that this fight – forget the Abiy propaganda- is a fight between the people of Tigray and an aspiring dictator in Addis who wants Tigray to go back to the old days where our rulers were appointed by Showan rulers. That will happen over our dead bodies!!


Tigray will prevail!!!


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