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Esat, Zehabesha, Meraja, 360, Landafta, and many more Rhetoric of Deception

Ethioobserver editorial

The few self-appointed noisy Ethiopian Diaspora opposition, who are bent on violence and terrorism are responsible for the thousands of lives lost and they deserve nothing less than unconditional condemnation for their continued attempt to wreak havoc and instability by engaging to megalomaniac dreams of unitary vision. Defeatists normally deploy themselves to destructive ploys by generating desperate acts. The vast spectrum of lies and deception that have been deliberately infused to the public by ostracized individuals who are deeply resentful and have become fathers of all lies by undermining the ongoing civil war waged against the people of Tigray. It is perhaps sad to say, but nonetheless true that the hate mongers helped to create the conditions in which the current war to be ignited. As the French philosopher Alain Badiou put it, the truth is “indifferent to difference” and in its essence universal in nature – it is not impressed by ethnicity, nationality, or race: truth is “the same for all.”

It is difficult to verify any information regarding attacks and casualties because of the ongoing blackout on most forms of communication in the Tigray region. What we are hearing from those who escaped the horror and living in the Sudan is tantamount to crimes against humanity. In addition, the government broadcasting authority in Addis Ababa has suspended the media credentials of all international outlets. What could be the motive of those self-appointed cyber dogs is to orchestrate genocide on the people of Tigray. These individuals spend most of their time by falsely misleading You Tube watchers and their false “breaking news”, smearing TPLF elected officials and foaming ethnic and racial tensions in Ethiopia. These people should not be allowed to operate under the guise of free speech as this is regarded as a travesty of justice.

Their propaganda machine has doggedly worked to suppress the truth and they are waging an ill-fated assault on Tigreans with their bogus and pathological lies. Their footprints of lies and deceptions in the cyber world must be challenged. If we fail to thwart it, then we run at the risk of allowing the idea of freedom to be hijacked by cowards like them. It is obvious to report such horrendous and concocted news falsely distorting the invasion against Tigray by the joint dictatorial forces of Abiy and Isaias. Abiy is an authoritarian who has already has incarcerated a lot of opposition politicians and restricted the freedom of the press, as witnessed by the arrest of journalists who were covering the invasion. He thinks to have successfully stoked the flames in a false populist array of a unitary Ethiopianism based on the dismemberment and discrimination of Tegaru, though Ethiopia without Tigray is a total mess for its existence.

What does freedom of speech and truth mean to decent people? Shall we allow such hate-mongers to ravage the bright future and hope of our people? It is a duty of all Tegaru to shoulder responsibility and unmask individuals like them who perpetuate injustice and violence armed with such spiteful and cold-blooded rhetoric. In the age of spin, Esat and the likes of them precisely as Mohammed Saeed al–Sahaf (Baghdad-Bob), former Iraqi Minister of Information under Saddam, have this in common: no matter whatever the evidence is on the ground they stand superior to the truth and detach themselves from reality by creating their own version to the ridicule of all. They lack ethical standards in reporting balanced news and their contempt for our elected officials under the guise of freedom of speech and expression is nothing more than a gambit to cover their main intentions to submit to chauvinistic and power hungry maniacs. Their half-baked truths might only impress Mohammed Saeed al–Sahaf (Baghdad-Bob) and the false gospel preacher Abiy.

For those of us, who cherish free and fair elections and value democracy, given the circumstances and the large turnout, we think that the Tigray people’s total engagement and exercise of their rights was a great leap forward and must be encouraged. Since this crisis began, the greatest failure of the regime is not the denial, the lies, the lack of preparedness, but the inability to rally and unify the nation. Ethiopia is in a verge of a total collapse as a failed state. The sacrifices and struggle against tyrannies and dictators was meant to the avail of democracy, equal rights and opportunities to individuals and nations and nationalities of Ethiopia.

The silence of the Ethiopian public bears a large share of the blame for the current affairs in Ethiopia. We do hope the die-hard supporters of the newly created Prosperous Party (PP) by Abiy refrain from an aggressive, out of touch and disproportionate hate campaign and instead dwell on issues of paramount significance to Ethiopians and become constructive and effective citizens to reckon with for the betterment of the life conditions of all our compatriots. Otherwise the Ethiopia, which some adherents of the old guard espouse might end up at the end into fragmented mini states.

After all, Ethiopia is not for the few or for those who consider themselves as the “chosen” or “God elected” people. It is a huge multi-ethnic country whose people have diverse languages, cultures, and religions. The only uniting and equalizing force that makes each individual citizen feel proud as an Ethiopian is when his/her own culture is respected by all and has the freedom to exercise his/her legitimate right to use any language and follow any religion of his/her choice. Peace and democracy will not be alien to Ethiopia, only when each Ethiopian citizen would affirm that he/she is a proud Ethiopian without anyone telling him/her of his/her identity.

The Human Rights Watch report is a positive step in the right direction, and I wish that Amnesty International and other human rights organizations are also involved in investigating the crimes against humanity in Tigray by Abiy’s forces. However, the Human Rights Watch requesting access to the illegitimate former PM Abiy’s regime is like asking Hitler to help to stop killing. The regime is part of the problem and unless it is forced by the United Nations, it will not come up with the proper legislation to protect civilian Tegaru.

Thus, the only feasible strategy is that all the Human Rights Organizations should collaborate and collect evidence about, torture, killings and bombardments in Tigray. United Nations can impose economic sanctions and bring the former PM to International Court of Justice. We need to continue our resistance by every means at our disposal, lest Abiy drags this country into the abyss. At the same time the gutter of the Earth such as Esat, Mereja, 360, Zehabesha and all others disseminating as the Radio Television Libre des Mille Collines did in Rwanda the same propaganda of extermination against Tigrians and are responsible for any genocide perpetuated by the extremists and Abiy’s illegal government.

 DISCLAIMER: The views and opinions of the authors expressed herein do not necessarily state or reflect ethioobserver position. ethioobserver  does not exercise any editorial control over the information therein. ethioobserver cannot accept any responsibility or liability for any actions taken (or not taken) as a result of reading the material displayed.