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Forces of destruction should be curtailed!
By Yohannes Kiros, PhD

It was disheartening to hear several series of the online audio reportage recently by
Aigaforum.com (http://aigaforum.com/documents/Tigrean-Victims-in-Northern-Gonder) of the rampage and looting against the victims in the Shinfa Metema Wereda in Amhara kilil. Although this sad story took place six months ago, it was now thanks to Tamrat Yemane it came out to the public’s knowledge. These hard working people, who have the full freedom of movement and work in any part of the country were assaulted and robbed of their homes and hard earned properties worth millions of Birr by a mob in full daylight and in the presence of the special police force, regional officials and kebele guards. The irony of this tragic incident is that it took place at the very day of the celebration of the Nations and Nationalities day, where ethnic tolerance and coexistence marks the Ethiopian identity. Their heart-wrenching narratives and desperation upon losing all what they possessed and with families having nothing to eat or with no shelter and dispersed and uprooted is in fact a ringing bell of what happens, when real hatemonger can cause havoc and to dispel the peace and stability of the country. 

Ethiopia with all its moral and cultural traits should not stoop to such ignominy and
shame by a few hateful hooligans, although the regional governments are said to have full control within their territories. Petty “kebele lords” or “chiefs” with their armed branch and with no accountability are making the lives of many people difficult in both rural and urban Ethiopia, where numerous reports and eyewitnesses have given account. We hear now and then such disruptions such as Benchi Magi, Kimant nationality, Oromia, Benishangul and Gambella regions are cases in point, where human rights and peaceful life have been violated. Although the village level administrations and security maybe considered not to be up to the standard and task to fulfill their obligations and undertakings to follow the rule of law, the regional and federal governments have complete responsibilities to stifle bad conducts and infringement in the life of the peoples of Ethiopia and educate its civil servants about good governance and inculcate the constitutional rights and freedoms of the citizenry. The forces of destructions should be curtailed before it is too late and before any civil strife and death. The sanctity to life and peace is the most important both for the present and future generations of

Ethiopia endowed with rich cultures, histories and languages of its people have since the
overthrow of the fascist Derg introduced a bold and commendable self-rule by deregulating the once despised Ethiocentrist rule of “one nation and one people” oppressive system. Now people are allowed to decide on their own immediate concerns thanks to the federal system of governance. This system as obvious as it is hated by some extremist groups, who would like to see the old system to be returned making the country vulnerable for another war of attrition, chaos and destruction. The propaganda in the form of instigation of people to target and arouse hatred among the populace has been ongoing from some disgruntled elements both abroad and inside the country by some media outlets. Though the frustration felt by these groups is understandable knowing the decisive role played by the TPLF and its sister organizations to rout the fascist regime and its remnants, the accusation directed against the whole Tigrian people is false, disgusting and immoral.

The victims of the recent criminal activity in Shinfa and elsewhere, who have gone this
excruciating ordeals and trauma, have not had the support from the government bodies as it would have been required from responsible and accountable leadership. Instead these poor people have been wallowing within the corridors of the heartless bureaucracy with false hopes and promises, with no clear legal framework of decision-making. These people should be compensated for their looted properties and capital and the criminals arraigned so that such criminal acts in the future be deterred and human rights respected as in other law-abiding and civilized societies. At the same time civic organizations and media should also engage themselves in uncovering such atrocities and give aid in rehabilitating the agonized people.

The findings presented by the Ethiopian human rights commission in June 15, 2016 and the recommendations and sanctions it presented are most welcome and praised so that the rule of law is abided.
Peaceful Ethiopia is the road to development!

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